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Masters of all things jewelry, we are Jewelry CAD CAM Masters!

We are Jewelry Cad Cam Masters. A company passionate about jewelry and dedicated to helping people in the industry, from high-end manufacturers to classic bench jewelers to keen hobbyists. Our mission is to provide top quality service for any, and all, steps of the jewelry making process.

As a company, we use all of the latest technology to bring you state-of-the-art workmanship. We have even developed our own advanced jewelry CAD software - Jewelry CAD Dream - simply because what the industry was offering did not meet our needs (or our customers!). But, above all, our true focus lies on the craft and art of beautiful jewelry, through whatever means necessary. Which is why, despite of all the technological innovations, our team still comprises of experienced and talented bench jewelers,  able to handcraft the most exquisite of pieces.

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